We're place activation specialists here to turn your property into a destination.

The Space Agency is now part of The Place Agency


Activating new development projects

We design activation strategies for emerging properties to help transition them from where they are now, to where they need to be. We understand the complexity of activating sites that are under construction or re-development, and have pioneered an approach that will enable you to activate your space from the time the first hoarding goes up until the last residents or tenants move in. 

Activating existing places and assets

We create comprehensive  blueprints for making places more compelling, engaging and, as a result: commercially successful. Our place experience masterplans interrogate what is and isn't working within a place, recommending light and tactical interventions to improve the user experience. Complimenting this, we manage activation design, programming, tenant engagement and place-making.

Engaging insights from stakeholders

We have an uncommon fascination with places. Let us loose and we'll come back with captivating insights that will greatly improve your decision-making. Beyond stakeholder and partner consultation, we design and run compelling community engagement activities that generate powerful ideas to support the development of new places. 

and submission

We work collaboratively with planners and architects to enhance the masterplanning and submission process. We help teams to: communicate the place vision; define the experience and value of public spaces; and design customised models of place governance and management to support the development of thriving places.

Our Work

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Knowledge Market
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The Space Agency is a place activation consultancy that specialises in transitioning properties from where they are to where they need to be. We use light, short-term tactics to create spaces and places that deliver a measurable impact to the people and community around them, as well as ongoing uplift for our clients. 

We provide more than strategic advice. We deliver a shovel-ready approach that enables you to activate your property from the day the hoarding goes up. We work nationally on every scale of property development, including small mixed-use precincts, large-scale urban renewal projects and major greenfield masterplans. 



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