Activating new development projects

An Activation Strategy is a framework and action plan that enables you to guide the evolution of your site from a construction zone into a phenomenal place to live, work or play.

Successful activation creates places that are buzzing with people, where the community has a strong sense of pride, and where local businesses are sustainable, or better yet, thriving.​


An Activation Strategy does not stem from a template. It is tailored to match your specific needs, the location's opportunities and challenges, as well as the development timeline. With an Activation Strategy in place, you can:


  • establish the place identity;

  • grow the place vision;

  • minimise disruption;

  • introduce early amenity;

  • engage stakeholders;

  • drive marketing;

  • shift behaviours; and

  • create positive perceptions.

Our approach to activation is to transition a site over time, starting with a Minimum Viable Place. This approach enables you to put in place features and programming that activate your site from day one. Following this, we provide a step-by-step guide that demonstrates how activation can evolve in line with project staging in order to generate measurable uplift throughout your development and beyond.