and submission advice

The best time to plan for activation is at the very beginning. When we participate in project masterplanning we can identify opportunities for early site amenity, temporary public spaces that match your project staging, as well as interim retail and community spaces that will greatly enhance the quality of life at your development.


This attention to the experience of new residents and surrounding community members, combined with an activation approach that aims to minimise the disruption caused by ongoing construction, can be a proactive addition to your submission and development plan.


Your very own Place Book


A Place Book is a summary document used to capture and communicate the vision, goals, urban design principles, unique features and key messages of your development. This early brand exercise is an important tool to ensure all your project consultants understand what your plan is and what your outcome looks like. With our knowledge of place, we find that a Place Book greatly enhances the brand and marketing process, giving expert communicators a clear picture of what you want to achieve.


Place governance and management 


In recent years we have seen places become more complex with more amenity including an emphasis on creating great public spaces. Underlying all great places is a place management and governance framework that clearly delineates responsibility between Council, OC, tenants or residents, along with an ongoing approach to community engagement and improvement. The masterplanning phase is the right time to think about how your property will be managed long-term. We can provide best-practice advice and recommendations on how to structure and run these places so that they are both sustainable and generate the desired value-add.