Engaging insights from stakeholders

If you want to know how people experience place, what their needs are and how the place is changing, we'll provide you with a detailed place audit that highlights critical information. We don't just report on places – we go into them, explore them, talk with residents, workers, visitors and business owners in order to ascertain the all-important 'vibe'.


We've run large-scale community engagements, attracting more than 1,000 participants, along with workshops and tailored engagements for key project partners and stakeholders. When you put this together, you get valuable insights that support improved decision making, better community relationships, and a clear direction forward.



One of the best ways to gain insights in support of large-scale urban projects is to prototype spaces. By creating a small-scale demo, visitors are able to experience the vision for a place and give informed feedback. We've successfully closed down roads in order to prototype parks and new public spaces, we've created interim community spaces, and retail kiosks that not only activate space, but learn from users in order to inform the delivery of permanent places.