Level Crossing Removal Authority

Carrum and Seaford Station Community Engagement

Co-designing the station plaza at Carrum and Seaford

The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) is upgrading and repositioning the Frankston line in order to remove dangerous level crossings and improve train timetables. In addition to this, they are creating new stations and upgrading station precincts at key locations.

The Space Agency was engaged by LXRA to support the community engagement process and work with locals in both Carrum and Seaford to generate ideas for their new station precincts. Our role was to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of placemaking during two community workshops and analyse responses in order to create two design briefs for the LXRA.

Following the success of the placemaking workshops, The Space Agency has been an active member of the Carrum and Seaford community reference group - a decision making body set up by the LXRA to improve the place outcomes of both stations.