Metro Tunnel Map
Metro Tunnel Creative Program
Minimising the disruption to city life caused by the construction of the Metro Tunnel

On behalf of the Metro Tunnel Project, we have been contracted as place managers to deliver a program of temporary activations and creative works that make a significant contribution to offsetting the disruption and uplifting the aesthetic across the project’s worksites over the next seven years.


Since we began developing this unique activation strategy on behalf of the project’s construction contractors, Cross Yarra Partnership, our focus has been designed to keep the city vibrant during construction, leaving a lasting legacy for major infrastructure projects worldwide. As a result, our work will enhance rather than impact the reputation of Melbourne as a destination for culture, education, major events, and as one of the world’s most liveable cities - not only after the Metro Tunnel opens but also while it is constructed. 

Crucially, the program we are delivering isn’t meant to be a one off major event. It is about helping build resilience at seven sites across the city during seven years of major tunnel and station construction works. For Melburnians going about their day, it is about stumbling upon unexpected delights and surprises in the corners of the city affected by construction. They will see pop-up parks and events as well as art on construction hoardings and around construction sites.


Our focus is to encourage community interaction with construction sites and support local business who are at the coalface between site boundaries and where city life begins.

For more information on the Metro Tunnel Creative Program, follow this link.