Inspired by the decline of her local retail strip, Bec is constantly dreaming up ideas or working on new approaches to activate places.

As a third culture kid who grew up in South-East Asia and Europe, Hugo loves the hustle of megacities. He's constantly excited by new places and weird food. 

Jack started his career in construction management and it was during this early experience that he started to think of improved ways of bringing new places to life. 

Through a range of executive roles across diverse industries and careers, Gregg has both built businesses and led teams delivering solutions to global corporations and brands in Australia and abroad. 

Jessie is an experienced producer with a background in cultural curation. In brief: managing complex and creative projects is her jam. She's a frequent traveller and loves the shock of the new.

With a training in architecture and urban design, Luke brings to the table an attention to detail and focus on delivering great design outcomes for new and existing places. 

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