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Introducing our new sister company
Three, two, one, blast off! 
The Space Agency launches The Place Agency

It’s a big day for us at The Space Agency. Today we launch our sister business: The Place Agency – a new kind of place management company that focuses on visitor and tenant experience. Its mission is to make places magnetic.


We’ve seen the direct results of creating places that are experience-driven. They are characterful, activated and buzzing with people and life.


With this goal in mind, we have created The Place Agency as a dedicated place management company that focuses on experience to deliver long-term place activation.


Through this approach, we help to foster stronger bonds between people and place. This has a direct positive effect of the perception of places, levels of participation and engagement, commercial values, support of local businesses, as well as community resilience and pride.


Launching our sister business will enable The Space Agency to focus on delivering high-quality place activation strategies, place insights, and masterplanning advice. Our goal is to keep this business small, with great consultants who understand how to apply creative solutions to strategic problems.  

The split between space and place will enable both The Space Agency and The Place Agency to focus their respective energies on the specific needs of clients.

For property developers working on new sites, The Space Agency is here to deliver a shovel-ready approach that enables you to activate your property from the day the hoarding goes up. 


For asset owners and managers looking to implement a program of activation, The Place Agency is designed to bolt-on to building management and development teams, focusing on visitors and tenants on the ground floor. 


The Space Agency and The Place Agency will continue to work together on projects, sharing resources, skills and experience. Significantly, company directors sit across both businesses, ensuring a high level of collaboration.


If you would like to learn more about, or better yet, collaborate, with either The Space Agency or The Place Agency, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.