Hugo Lamb

Activating Kinnears Ropeworks 

February 2019

We are collaborating with a larger team of consultants, to ensure the heritage protected Kinnears Ropeworks factory is transformed into a people-centred development. We are striving to create a place where  locals and visitors can share experiences, creating new stories as vital and dynamic as Kinnears' past. 

Jack Amies

Metro Melbourne Creative Program

July 2018

We're working to minimise the disruption to city life caused by the construction of the Metro Tunnel Project through tactical placemaking, cultural programming and attentive place management.

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Hugo Lamb

South Eveleigh Activation

January 2019

We are excited to be guiding the activation of South Eveleigh as it transitions into a diverse innovation and lifestyle destination. Specifically focusing on the next three years, the precinct will be re-introduced to local residents and established as a vibrant place to work, play and visit.

Jack Amies

Launching The Place Agency

July 2018

In July 2018, we launched our sister business, The Place Agency: a dedicated place management company that specialises in activating precincts with custom, experience-driven programming.

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Hugo Lamb

City of Stonnington Retail Strategy

December 2018

In order to understand the specific issues facing Stonnington's precincts as well as provide them with possible solutions, we are undergoing the process of exploring and analysing what vacancy means to the city, which will allow us to interview, document and workshop action plans to bring life back to the precinct. 

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